This deviates from the local music aspect of this blog, but I just discovered this song today. I can’t stop listening to it because it’s so amazing. And the fact that Christian Kane (Angel, Leverage) can sing just blows my mind.

His voice is beautiful. This song is just… It’s one of those songs that as soon as you hear it, you’re hooked and in love with the lyrics, the melody and the emotion.


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Thinking of You
Christian Kane


When a new moon shines through your window 

Or you hear a sad song on the radio 

Then you don’t know why you but just start to cry 

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Thinking of You - Christian Kane (from the Leverage episode)


Dude… most EPIC THING…. EVER!

LA Song
Christian Kane / Angel: Live Fast, Die Never - Music from TV Series


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I can’t decide whose hair is more glorious

Sam Winchester

Or Eliot freakin’ Spencer